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Global March of Chinese Contemporary Art continues


The increasing presence of Chinese contemporary art on the world stage became apparent this past weekend in Dubai, where a new group exhibition “Vigour of Style” gave art lovers in the UAE a peek at China’s resurgent art scene. 

The exhibition was put together by the Beijing Shangyiguanzhi Art spreading Organisation – a group dedicated to expanding the footprint of Chinese art. With exhibitions of Chinese contemporary art profilerating in recent years, both in China and around the world, it is perhaps expected that the middle East should be the scene for more Chinese art shows, along with growing trade and ties with China.

At the museum of Art Lucerne is a show ” Shanshui; Poetry without sound” from the Sigg collection. 3 Chinese artists are included in the “performance of Photography” at MOMA in New York. Those are Ai Weiwei, Rong Rong and Huang Yan.

Eight Art Gallery in Malmo, Sweden is showing 3 prominent sculptors in a new show opening today. They are Wu Shaoxiang, Jiang Shua and Liu Yonggang. A visit is recommended to see these outstanding artists.

Daniel Brostrom