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White Cube in London opens a branch in Hong Kong


White cube will be the latest major western gallery to open a branch in China. It’s new branch in Hong Kong will open early next year, hot on the heels of Larry Gagosian’s successful gallery launch. 

White Cube intends to represent Damien Hirst in China and hopefully also make connections with chinese artists for the European market. The decision was also influenced of the fact that Art Basel bought in 60% of the Art HK fair and be part of the increasing interest of art as an investment in Asia.

After years of major collectors harboning a cool attitude toward Western art in China, a younger generation of Chinese taste-makers is increasingly interested in buying Western art – and New York and London-based galleries are taking notice. The trend started in 2008 when PaceGallery opened at 798 in Beijing and James Cohan Gallery opened in Shanghai.

Daniel Brostrom