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Chen Wenling at Art Stage Art Fair Singapore


Chen Wenling will be holding a solo exhibition at Art Stage 2012 from January 12-15. It is organised by Ode to Art Contemporary gallery of Singapore. This exhibition showcases artworks from his two renowned series of sculptures; “Red Memory” with the Red Boy series as well as “China Scene”. 

The two themes of Chen Wenling’s sculptures are the manifestations of extreme humanity and immaterial images. The “Red Boy” is a self expression of Chen Wenling himself when he was making figurines out of clay to entertain himself when his parents could not afford to buy him toys.

In his latest work ” China Scene” the sculptures are blending and transforming the natural, traditional and modern images, so that creating a kind of surrealistic and fantastic scene of the so-looked mountain and stone. It is shaped, like a melting iceberg, or gigantic deer in a sense of realistic alienation.

Through Chen Wenling’s sculptural language, we can move further to the value and meaning of Chinese contemporary art in the mixing process between the traditional and the modern world.


Daniel Brostrom