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Chen Liu - Video Game Inspires Art


Chen Liu was recently in Singapore having a show at MoCA of his latest paintings. He takes inspiration from video games at Xbox or Playstation 2 and its fantasy elements. Each glassy eyeball, curlicue of smoke or clouds and warp and twist of straw matting has been carefully composed and skilfully rendered. 

He does not make sketches or drawing, instead create a relationship with the canvas that deepens along the progress of the painting. Liu’s works have a tinge of caricature, portraying his subjects with over the top exaggerations.
Graduating with degrees from Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine arts and the Nanjing Arts Insitute, he is now professor at the Yunnan Academy of Fine Arts Institute.


Creating his own fantasy universe in his paintings is like “playing a video game no one else has played before”. As long as we have video games around, Chen Liu feels inspired. More to review on


Daniel Brostrom