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China Pavillion at Shanghai Expo 2010

China Pavillion_01.jpg

The dazzling China Pavilion from Expo 2010 in Shanghai is becoming an art gallery, announced by the city government. It will be named the China Art Palace and will be opening next October in stages, measuring up to 70,000 square meters.

A senior official is saying that the museum “will be on par with Metropolitan Museum in New York and the Musee d’Dorsey in Paris”. China art Palace will collect top-level art from China and abroad with the primary focus on the foundation and development of Chinese modern art. It is part of a plan to build by the city government to build 16 new major museums and art galleries and many smaller museums by 2015 and make Shanghai an “international cultural metropolis” I am sure Beijing feel challenged by such statement but is it not wonderful ambitions that any other city in the world would envy.

We wish them good luck and hope that many art lovers will have the opportunity to visit such grand architectural building.


Daniel Brostrom