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Zeng Fanzhi Solo Exhibition in HK

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Friday May 27th was the opening ceremony for Zeng Fanzhi solo exhibition “Being” in Hong Kong Covention Center organised by Christie’s and Rockbund Art Museum. 30 iconic artworks were featured in a wonderful way. 

These landscape series is a sweeping exegesis and recapitulation of his spirits. It is further developed and more sophisticated and is a development of the art lines in the contemporary art scene, presenting us with a new opportunity to reflect on the contributions and inspirations that traditional Chinese art has provided for contemporary artists.

Zeng Fanzhi adapts the artistic tradition of his Eastern, cultural origin, revamps the style of calligraphic lines consummately practised by classical Chinese artists, and integrates them with the lavish colours and textures found in Western oils.

” My biggest realisation at the time was how to use line, colour and form to convey my reaction to an issue, a shape or a feeling. I learned how to use my feelings to engage in a critical examination of a subject, rather than producing an oil painting that merely visually describes it.”

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Daniel Brostrom