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Art Community rallies around Ai Wei Wei


London – Chinese artist Ai WeiWei has vanished. But look around and he seems to be everywhere. More than one month after one of China best known contemporary artists was arrested, his name, his face and his art has popped up across the world. 

China’s authorities have refused to say where he is or who is holding him, but the art community in the international arena say they want to make sure he is released soonest. London, Paris, Berlin New York and Hong Kong have all contributed with dedications and praise.

The two exhibits of his work in London include one in Somerset House with the 12 massive animal heads in bronze representing the traditional zodiac, a high profile venue which hosts the London Fashion week. The other at west London’d Lisson Gallery, features a two storey high black and white photograph of him staring out from its facade.

Despite the growing outcry, China has unfortunately refused to answer questions about his fate. Artists are now even painting his profile as support. More will follow in this matter.

Daniel Brostrom